Take part in the John Muir Awards

Second Nature can work with your school to develop its grounds while undertaking the prestigious John Muir Award. (Activities that may also work with the Green Trees School Award and Green Flag Eco Awards.)

The John Muir Award is an environmental scheme that supports and encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. 

Three levels of achievement

  • Discovery Award
  • Explorer Award
  • Conserver Award

Four challenges for each level

  • DISCOVER a wild place
  • EXPLORE its wildness
  • CONSERVE it, taking personal responsibility
  • SHARE your experiences

Participation can be as a Family, School Group, College, youth organisation, club or outdoor centre. But participants must be able to understand why and how they are doing the activity, so it is recommended for Key Stage 2 and upwards.

John Muir Awards school group
Second Nature runs John Muir Awards schemes in the South Downs National Park

The scheme offers an ideal structure to support pupils and teachers in their engagement with the National Curriculum, and is effective with children and young people who have additional support needs. 

Minimum time commitments range from four days for the Discovery level to six months at the Conserver Award. But the most important aspect is to show enthusiasm and commitment with your involvement with the process. This develops a passion and enjoyment of wild places that lasts a lifetime. 

For further information, contact Nicky at Second Nature or visit the John Muir Awards website.

John Muir was an influential conservationist who was passionate about the wild and dedicated his life to protecting wild places establishing National Parks. He believed we need to experience, enjoy and care for wild places. This message is at the heart of the John Muir Award.

John Muir
John Muir himself

It is not enough for people to be in sympathy with the plight of the natural world, but that they must become ‘active conservationists’, as campaigners, as practical project workers, as scientists, as artists, as writers.

John Muir