Bat & Owl Prowl for School of the Wild October 2014

Wow. What a great evening. Heard lots of bats and then spent half an hour in a woodland clearing surrounded by tawny owls. Watching one fly over our heads and then sit in a tree looking down at us was an amazing experience. Thanks! Emma Ryan

School Visits:

I just wanted to write a quick note to you guys to tell you about the changes I have noticed in your Friday group. Working next to you on our allotment plot each Friday it is audibly significant the difference the weeks have made to the group of lads you are working with. At the start, the shouting and screeching was incredible as they made their presence very much known in their environment. Just by the sounds they made I could tell how uncomfortable and nervous they were. And it is through the sound of the group that I experience the difference now after 8 or so weeks. They are now a group that is listening, talking, learning and playing calmly and thoughtfully. It is easy to interact with them while they are playing wolves and deer, and I can see their newfound self-confidence and growing self-respect. It’s a real pleasure to observe these changes in the group  and put it down to your patience and your certainty that the work you are doing will have lasting effects. Keep at it!
Jess Bayley
The Centre for Ecotherapy

Thank you for coming to Johnston School, it was a fantastic day and everybody enjoyed it. You have been a great help and now everyone at our school has planted a tree and you made it fun for everyone.’From all the staff and pupils of Johnston School.

‘Many thanks for your hard work which was greatly appreciated’ Mrs A Finn Year 6 Co-ordinator.

Thank you for all the hard work and enthusiasm you have put towards making the  Million Children Outdoors programme such a great success.The achievements this year have been fantastic bringing some wonderful opportunities for children to share our passion for nature and the outdoors. Jim Burt & Susanna Perkins

‘We are writing to thank you for the amazing tour you gave us, it was really interesting and the scenery beautiful. We learnt many things but the highlight was the scavenger hunt. Thank you once again for everything you taught us and for giving us a wonderful time.’ Sophie, Georgia, Polly.

We learnt a lot of things today on our interesting journey around the woods.  We learnt a lot about wood, plants, leaves and animals. Thank you, it was exciting and enjoyable. ‘  Pembroke Dock Community School

Thank you for a brilliant day yesterday on our walk in the countryside. We had a great time learning about the wildlife and playing all the fun games. We hope to visit again soon.’  Year 8 Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School.

Just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely birthday party in your woodland garden this afternoon. Kids and adults alike really enjoyed it and learnt new skills too.’ Becky, Dan, Isaac and Joshy

 Safia’s party was fab and everybody there said the same. Thank you very much.’ Nicky, Brighton.

Just to say a really big thank you for Maisie’s party. It couldn’t have been better. We all had a wonderful time. Best of all, ever since the party Ben and Maisie have been enjoying our garden again. Their  love of nature has been reignited!’ Kerstin, Brighton.